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Vijay Khatu Biography

Vijay Khatu Biography

While looking at any idol of God, it is the skill of the sculptor or the sculptor to feel alive.

vijay khatu
vijay khatu

 While looking at any idol of God, it is the skill of the sculptor or the sculptor to feel alive, its really rare thing. But vijay khatu sir always made it easy.

Ganeshotsav Mandals

In the mind of public Ganeshotsav Mandals and Ganesh devotees, Vijay Khatu created a special place of idols. One of the most important and difficult things to handle the balance of idols while making any idol. It is necessary to take special care when setting up a statue of Ganesh idol, especially 20 to 25 ft tall idols. It has to be thought about whether it is in the right size or not.

Hard work

Vijay Khatu managed all these techniques. That is why an immovable relationship of Ganapati idol and Vijay Khatu has been created. Khatu took great effort, study and hard work to get this fame and reputation. There was no scientific sculpture of sculpture that had more than one gem and elegant idol. He also created sculptors by himself to see, monitor and monitor the work of other sculptors.

Father R. V. Khatu

Vijay Khatus father R. V. Khatu was a Ganapati sculptor. Initially, he was working with other sculptors. On 15th August 1947, he started a factory of making his own idol. Having a sculpture in the house, he inherited the legacy from his childhood. Under the guidance of the father, they have fallen into the lessons of this art. According to the Guru-disciple tradition, initially only helpers, but with the help of skill, they started to work in a short period of painting and making the idol. His father was Dharmaji Patkar and Dinanath Welling, the teacher of Khata. They collected the lessons from how to make idols, how to solve them. The father learned from Rangakam and Patkar. Later, Khatu and his brother took charge of the ancestral business and took the young lady.

Vijay Khatu said that the great Ganesh idol should be a matter of pride for the people of Mumbai. The tall idol began to criticized further, but it was an expression of the magnificence of Girnaga before the collapse of the mill. The idol of Chinchpokli South Division Public Ganeshotsava Mandal’s fifteen feet height was his first major order. Then they did not look back.

Ganesh idol of the Ganeshotsav Mandal, the Ganesh Festival organized by the Chinchpokli and the idol of Chandanwadi Public Ganeshotsav Board. He created images of most famous public Ganeshotsav boards in Mumbai. The King of Ganesh Gali, the Chintamani Ganesh of Chinchpokli, and other congregations are included in this. Every year, 500 to eight hundred idols are being made in their workshop at Parel. As they are preparing for the upcoming Ganesh festival as per every year, they have lost their life.

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